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Volkswagen makes driving more relaxed and safer.
Typical of “Think New”.

Automated Driving

The 2017 Golf is capable of semi-automated driving: 
The Traffic Jam Assist function reduces stress and makes driving 
in congestion easier on the nerves. Emergency Assist and 
the City Emergency Braking function with Pedestrian Monitoring 
are a real safety boost.


The Volkswagen logo on the front of the new Golf. 
Precise and sophisticated, but also highly functional: the radar sensor for the latest generation of assistance 
systems is concealed behind it. Discreet and inconspicuous, but alert at all times – typical of the Golf.

With its new safety systems the Golf democratises progress – yet again – because Europe’s most successful car has always been a pioneer when it comes to safety. Systems 
like ABS, ESC and the whole broad spectrum of assistance systems came to be taken for granted by millions of people thanks to the Golf, and the 2017 update will once 
again see the Golf introduce numerous innovations to the compact class.

With Traffic Jam Assist, Trailer Assist and Park Assist 3.0 the Golf is the first car in its class to be capable of partially automated driving in various situations.

You can rely on Volkswagen.

Relaxed driving in traffic jams

Even the heaviest traffic is less daunting thanks to Traffic Jam Assist, as this system reduces the stress on the driver in traffic jams and makes them easier on the nerves, while at 
the same time boosting safety significantly: Traffic Jam Assist helps avoid the rear-end collisions so typical of traffic jams.

Traffic Jam Assist is based on Lane Assist (lane departure warning system) and ACC (automatic distance control) and is available for all Golf models with a DSG gearbox. 
At speeds of up to 60 km/h this function not only keeps the Golf in its lane, but also maintains the right distance to the vehicle in front. It can brake and accelerate automatically – 
even in stop-and-go traffic.

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Safe, even in an emergency

The Golf takes good care of its driver: if the person at the wheel stops steering the car actively and stops braking or accelerating– and thus may have become physically 
incapacitated and unable to drive the car – the sensors react and initiate an emergency routine, starting with a wake-up jerk, after which the hazard warning lights go on 
and the Golf gradually brakes until it comes to a standstill. Lane Assist keeps the car in lane and ACC prevents rear-end collisions.

Pedestrian warning

Front Assist warns the driver if the car gets too close to the vehicle in front and brakes if there is imminent risk of a collision – on country roads and motorways as well as in town. The latest version of this assistance system is not only capable of detecting other vehicles, but can also detect pedestrians crossing the road and automatically initiate emergency braking if it detects a risk of a collision with a pedestrian within the system’s boundaries.

Even the horses are happy

Reversing with a trailer is a stressful situation for many drivers – but the new Golf can help here, too: manoeuvring with a trailer or a horse box is as easy as pie with Trailer Assist, 
as the Golf takes over the mental gymnastics required when reversing. The current and possible steering angles are displayed in the instrument cluster. The driver controls 
the desired direction using a joystick above the mirror adjustment switch, accelerates and brakes – Trailer Assist takes over the steering.

Automated parking in spaces 
perpendicular to the road, 
forwards as well as reversing

The Park Assist success story continues: in its latest incarnation, this assistance system helps park the car in any parking space, be it parallel or perpendicular to the carriageway – 
driving forwards or reversing. Parking in tricky situations is faster and scrapes and bumps while parking become a thing of the past. The ultrasonic sensors detect any obstacles 
and stop the Golf in time.

Fuel consumption:

Golf GTI Performance – The vehicle has not yet gone on sale.

It does not yet have type approval and therefore Directive 1999/94/EC does not apply.


Golf GTE – The vehicle has not yet gone on sale.

It does not yet have type approval and therefore Directive 1999/94/EC does not apply.


Golf 1.5 TSI – The vehicle has not yet gone on sale.

It does not yet have type approval and therefore Directive 1999/94/EC does not apply.

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