The new Golf. Online
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Volkswagen introduces the digital world to the Golf.
Typical of “Think New”.

Connected Community

The 2017 Golf, with its optimum connectivity, is ideal for a digital 
lifestyle, with a comprehensive range of online services to make 
life easier and safer.


The key to the digital world

Fitted with the latest generation of infotainment systems, the Golf has the key to the digital world – it connects to current Apple and Android smartphones via App Connect as a 
matter of course. In addition to MirrorLink™ (Android), App Connect can now also integrate CarPlay™ (Apple) and Android Auto™ (Google) into vehicle infotainment systems. In 
the Golf, the driver or front seat passenger can simply put their smartphone in a redesigned, 
innovative storage compartment with an interface for mobile telephones. The highlight 
of this is that the phone can be charged and coupled to the vehicle’s external antenna 
inductively – i.e., without cables.

The Media Control app can be used to control many of the infotainment system’s functions conveniently from your own tablet – which is connected to the car’s WiFi 
hotspot – allowing children in the back to choose the music they want to listen to, for 
example, or, you can use the infotainment system to choose which videos they watch. Media Control is thus transformed into a rear seat entertainment system.

Car-Net –
increased safety and comfort

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Guide & Inform

The package includes an extensive range of Internet services such as Online Traffic Information with precise up-to-the-minute information on traffic jams or the Online POI Search, the “Fuel Info” search function for nearby filling stations with current fuel prices or the display of free parking spaces in your area. Google Streetview and Google Earth 
help you find your way on the road with even greater ease.

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Security & Service

The Emergency Call Service and Automatic Accident Notification make sure that you stay safe if the worst comes to the worst. With the Emergency Call Service, the driver can 
use the infotainment system to contact a Volkswagen Call Centre, which can then arrange for prompt assistance or medical attention, while the Golf automatically sends the 
vehicle data and its location to the call centre. The online Parking Position service can really help make life easier, especially in town, and thanks to the Speed Alert service the Golf 
will even notify you if a defined speed is exceeded – very reassuring, not just for parents of learner drivers.

The new Golf is also the key to the world of Car-Net, 

Volkswagen’s mobile online services.

Fuel consumption:

Golf GTI Performance – The vehicle has not yet gone on sale.

It does not yet have type approval and therefore Directive 1999/94/EC does not apply.


Golf GTE – The vehicle has not yet gone on sale.

It does not yet have type approval and therefore Directive 1999/94/EC does not apply.


Golf 1.5 TSI – The vehicle has not yet gone on sale.

It does not yet have type approval and therefore Directive 1999/94/EC does not apply.

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